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- A Platform for Florists to Exchange Orders Cross Cities,Countries,and even Languages!

1.Send Orders

Have orders to other cities, countries or even in other languages? This is a platform to exchange orders with florists in other part of the world!

  1. It's free to join
  2. The attractive local price
  3. It's immedaitely approved
    once your identity as a florist is verified

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2.Get Orders

If you are a local-based florist and like to acquire and fulfill LocalStreets orders to your region , please Email us and tell us your

  • Location (detail address with zip code)
  • Flower Shop Name
  • Web site or flower pictures

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  • 3.Intergrate LocalStreets Into My Own Website!
    - Do worldwide flower delivery like LocalStreets without any hassel.

    LocalStreets has developed an online storebuilder technology in order to share its resource with florist like you, by which you can easily build a sub-site of your domain for international flower delivery totally in your own designing style, yet with full powerful functions and florists resource on localstreets.

  • It's free!
  • Your built site is under your domain name, your own website designing style.
  • you can set your own pricing based on our florist's original local price
  • You can integrate all or partial flower products of other countries' florist into your website

    This part facility is open to the recommended OR invited florists only.

    Here are a few real examples:

  • 4.Introduce A Florist, - USD$1000. Reward !

    USD$1000. real cash reward for authorized agent who bring a florist to this network, (provided there is still no agent yet in your region)

    How Is It possible? The reward USD$1000 to you comes from our profit-sharing. To give you a better idea of this, for example, if your introduced florist averagely sends 30 orders/month through the Florist Network platform, in less than ONE year's time, you will have received your full $1000 reward through this profit-sharing.

    We have a limited figure of agents in every local region, so if you are interested, hurry up! , Email us your

  • Your contact details
  • A brief introduction about yourself
  • More Info

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