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Top Florist

The purpose of Topflorist is to provide a REAL good flower delivery service in the market, not only for our florists network, localstreets retail customers, but also our Affiliated Websites

1. TopFlorist Criteria
As a Topflorist, you should have a comprehensive & beautiful inventory, Besides that, you should have a record of

  1. Prompt Updating on Order Status
  2. Good reputation in terms of customer service
  3. Well established in market for many years
  4. Good design in flower arrangement.
  5. Good price compared to many other local florists

2. The Benefit of Being a TopFlorist

  1. We specially promote TopFlorist to LocalStreets Florist Network of over 1000 florists worldwide
  2. We sell all TopFlorist products to LocalStreets retail customers through LocalStreets website(http://flower.localstreets.com) and its websites family
  3. We recommend all Topflorist products to LocalStreets Affiliates Network through our core technology (http://creator.localstreets.com)

3. The Cost of Being a TopFlorist

It's free! TopFlorist Title is not for sale. We choose only those real qualified florists.

4.Become A TopFlorist

If you would like to become one of the LocalStreets topflorists, please Email us and tell us your

  1. Location (detail address with zip code)
  2. Flower Shop Name
  3. Web site (If applicable)

Once your application is approved, we will contact you and build up the inventory for you.

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