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Send Orders

"Sending orders to other Cities,Countries,or even in Other Languages has never been so Convenient and Reliable and the price is great!"

There are 2 ways to send orders through localstreets florist network: 1)By TopFlorist, 2) By Bidder Florist

1.Send Orders By TopFlorist

This is the easiest and most reliable way, you can place your order at a florist price just like normal shopping, yet much simpler because you already have an account balance and billing details on localstreets.

Since every selected topflorist provides a set of unique and own-designed products list, "What you see is truly what you get!" is the common feedback from our experience.

The disanvantage is that you cannot customize your order.

2.Send Orders By BidderFlorist

You can fully customize your order in this way. All the bidder florists in your order destination will just bid their price on your order requirement. You,as a feeding florist, has the right to select the bidder florist among the bidders to fulfill your order by your own discretion.

You can check the delivery history and feedback for each bidder florist.

The disadvantage is you need to spend a bit more time on your order. You can only use this way when your order is NOT urgent.

How do i start using this network platform to send orders

  • Step 1: Register as a localstreets member if you still not yet registered. Click here to register
  • Step 2: Email us to request for activating your account as "send orders florist" and "bidder florist".
  • Step 3: We will activate your account immediately after we do a quick check. As long as you are a florist or just an online florist, almost all application will be approved.

    It's free to use this florist network platform to send international orders!

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