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Get Orders

There are 2 ways for florists to get Orders from LocalStreets Florist Network,

  • As a Topflorist
  • As a Bidder Florist

    1. To Be A Topflorist on LocalStreets to Get and Fulfill Orders

    As a Topflorist, you should have a comprehensive & beautiful inventory. Click here to read more details about TopFlorist criteria.

    The most important thing is, as a TopFlorist, you should be able to provide:

  • Prompt Updating on Order Status
  • Good Quality Service

    We specially promote Topflorist products to all member florists, all retail customers from LocalStreets websites and its Affiliate Websites. The attractiveness of your inventory plays a big part for us to get more orders for you.

    2. To Be a Bidder Florist --- How to Get Orders if I'm not a TopFlorist

    If you are not a TopFlorist at moment, you are also able to get orders through localstreets from other regions As a bidder florist.

  • The feeding florist will specify the order requirements.
  • As a bidder florist, you are able to bid that order by stating the price you wish to bid for.
  • The feeding florist has the right to select the bidder florist to fulfill his order by his own discretion, it could be the price factor, could also be the reputaion factor, or factors combined.

    3. How to Get More Orders as a Bidder Florist

    The more orders you sent through LocalStreets Florist network, the more orders you will receive.

    Our system will dynamically show the new coming orders ONLY to the first a few florists in the queue (not all in the queue), the more orders you place through LocalStreets Florist Platform, the more seats you will be allocated in the queue

    4. It's free to be a member of this florist network,we charge you only when you get orders!

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