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About Florist Network

The purpose of this Florist Network is to build a CONVENIENT platform for a local-based florist to send orders ACROSS Cities,Countries, and even Languages without any hassel.

As a member of this network, you can:

  • Send Orders
  • Get Orders if you are a local physical florist

    1.Send Orders

    As a local-based florist, when you have orders to other cities, countries even in other languages, there are 2 ways to use this florist platform to deliver your orders.

    1. By TopFlorist
      All Topflorists are carefully selected and performance tested by Localstreets, and all of them provide an unique,attractive yet uncustomizable inventory,which means,in other side,you can only choose from their pre-defined product.They are relatively more realiable.
    2. By BidderFlorist
      All BidderFlorists' identification and location are verified, you may get a better price in this way because of the bidding procedure,besides that you can also define your own product description. But for the reputation of the service quality, you can only check their delivery history and feedback on localstreets when you are placing the order.

    Click here for more details about Send Orders

    2.Get Orders

    There are 2 ways as well for a florist to get orders, 1) to be a topflorist. 2) to be a bidder florist. Click here for more details about Get Orders

    3.Resource Sharing
    -To send flowers worldwide like LocalStreets by integrating LocalStreets resource into your own website

    LocalStreets has developed an online store builder technology (we call it Creator)in order to share its resource with florist like you, by which you can easily build a flower site totally in your own designing style, yet with same powerful functions and all florists resource in this network

  • It's free!
  • Your built site is under your domain name, your own website designing style, all are under your own brand, not LocalStreets brand
  • You can set your own pricing based on its original local price
  • You can integrate all or partial flower products of other countries' florist into your website

    So far,Resource Sharing is only open to the recommended OR invited florists.

    Here are a few real examples:

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